Towing & Transportation

This is what distinguishes our systems:

Especially for FBO companies with a fleet of different aircrafts, our tow bars with the interchangeable tow heads for "push" and "pull" transport have been designed. A novel system that monitors the power transmission of the tow bar and aircraft landing gear and warns the operator in time, prevents many expensive and long repairs due to damage to the nose and landing gear. In case of a flat tire, the stalled aircraft can be safely and quickly moved to the hangar with our special trolley.

Maintenance free

Because of satisfactory hand finishing of the powder coating, rustproof material as well as semi-pneumatic tires, a very long service life can be expected.


The Pin-Lock lock for tow bars and tow heads is currently the safest method for an optimal connection - even in the dark. The shear pins protect against linear and radial shear forces during "push-pull" and "side-to-side" movements.

Force monitoring

The SiPsHitch™ informs the driver of the tractor about the current power transmission when towing the aircraft. When under time constraints, the towing vehicle is often accelerated and braked too quickly, putting a lot of tension on the front landing gear on the aircraft. Our linear force monitoring system warns and notifies the driver visually and acoustically so that he can still react before unnecessary and costly damage occurs.

Manufacturer independent

Our towing solutions are one of the few in the world that are compatible with other manufacturers. You can combine the towheads with the bars and move a variety of different aircraft types into the right position.

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