EO/IR Sensors

This is what distinguishes our systems:

Our highly stabilized electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) camera systems are among the best in the world. You can get these EO/IR cameras in sizes from 8" to 25" which means you will always have exactly the right system for your application. All of our systems are controlled by the same handheld controllers. This allows an operator to switch between the systems as desired and to always be able to optimally operate the system immediately. Our systems are available for manned or unmanned air, land and sea applications. The camera systems are available as ITAR controlled as well as ITAR free systems.

Focal Lengths
The focal lengths, together with the stabilization, determine the distance and the level of detail with which you can identify an object. In addition, the focal length influences the housing size of the respective camera system. The larger the focal length, the larger the camera body will be. Focal lengths are adjusted variably via zoom functions.


In addition to the focal length, a high grade of stabilization is also necessary for efficient and position-adapted reconnaissance. Stabilization is the foundation for the usefulness of a long focal length.

Sensor Variety
A huge selection of sensor configurations is available to you. This enables you to determine the most suitable configuration for your application together with our experts. A daylight sensor with different zoom levels is standard. It is complemented by different infrared sensors. Active sensors are also available. These are often used to illuminate an area, measure distances or "point" at an object. For military applications, designators are also available to designate targets for guided missiles.

Target Positions
Of course, our systems also enable you to precisely determine the position of a detected object. The so-called target positions are automatically displayed by the camera. In addition, with this function it is possible to guide the camera to a specific point.


Our systems become particularly effective when they are operated/integrated within a system network. For example, a mission management system offers extensive control and evaluation functions. Our systems are compatible with all common mission management systems and offer extensive interfaces for connection.

Availability is the most important aspect of reconnaissance camera systems, because the best camera is of little use if it is not available due to a technical defect. Our systems enable reliable operation with the lowest failure rates and an effective service concept.


Should a camera system fail, we and our partner are the European factory service center. Here, all repair work is carried out reliably and quickly, without the camera system having to leave the country. We are even able to carry out some troubleshooting on site at your premises. Another advantage is that this concept does not require any export permit, which could delay a repair by a good 4 months. You have access to 14 service centers worldwide.

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