Hydraulic Test Stands

This is what distinguishes our systems:

Test stands for aircraft hydraulic systems are relatively complex. They have to meet aviation standards while still being user-friendly. Our test stands are state of the art and meet all current aviation standards. In addition, they can be operated very intuitively thanks to the central touchscreen and adjustments of, for example, the filling pressure are carried out fully automatically.

Central Touchscreen
Enables fully automated control of pressure and flow rate as well as clear, visual display of all important parameters. In addition, aircraft-specific settings are stored here, which can then be called up as required. Depending on the aircraft, the flow speeds, pressures and the different types of oil are controlled in this way.


Secure Operation
Our systems are especially designed for safety. For example, the supply voltage is monitored to detect faults at an early stage. Likewise, all oil is filtered and even cooled in an aviation-compliant manner. Overpressure flow switches ensure that the pressure remains at the required level.


Customer specific Customization
We are able to adapt these systems to your individual needs. Thus, we can ensure the use of different oils in one unit or integrate other customer-specific parameters.

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