Mission & Flight

This business unit supports you in airborne reconnaissance projects from data acquisition to distribution and evaluation of all relevant (meta-) data.

Maintenance & Systems

For maintenance work on rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, we provide you with the necessary know-how as well as the appropriate tools and systems. We place great emphasis on the measurement and elimination of vibrations and on non-destructive testing.

Ground & Support

You will get the most suitable ground handling solution for your aircraft from this business unit. We ensure that you move your aircraft safely, apply power or hydraulic pressure, and fill it efficiently with gases or liquids.

Service & Advicing

For each product you receive from us, we have developed a service and support concept. This concept usually starts with the regular calibrations as well as trainings and covers the whole period of use. In addition, we are your consulting service provider who supports and advises you on your questions.

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